I'm back !!!!

Yup, got back yesterday...sometime in the afternoon, after my two hour drive
from Ile-Ife. Since I wasn't really on a holiday, it was not exactly a
relaxing trip, although I have to confess I did take time to put my feet up
for a bit. It was like a war getting out of bed 5.30am this morning to get
to work on time. But I did, and all I can say is THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY !!!!!

So how was your new year celebrations? Let me sum mine up in one word DRY.
Ok, another word, DULL. Another one? BORING. As New Year Celebrations go,
this is probably the worst in my 26 years of existence. I don't even want to
talk about it...it was that bad. Anyway, I did have a really tough year, so
I guess that contributed to it. But I'm sure 2004 will be better, it had
better be !!

Anyway, good to be back in Lagos.......and in case you didn't know..there
was a football match on Wednesday. The score:

Liverpool 1 Chelsea 0

Sorry, that should have been Chelsea 0 Liverpool 1, 'cause Chelsea was at
home !!!!!


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Away for a while

I'll be off to Ile-Ife (the town where I completed my first degree) to sort out some stuff regarding my national service. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to blog too much while I'm there. Watch out though, I should be back before the end of the week, blogging as usual.........

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[The World according to Boso.....] Happy New Year !!

Here's to a great 2004 !!

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Cyber Blackmail

Cyber Crime has been taken to a whole new level. The latest scam is Cyber Blackmail and according to the police, it's a serious problem.

The extortion scam, which is believed to have surfaced one year ago, indiscriminately targets anyone on the corporate ladder with a PC connected to the Internet. It usually starts with a threatening e-mail in which the author claims to have the power to take over a worker's computer through an exploit in the corporate network, experts said. The e-mail typically contains a demand that unless a small fee is paid -- at first no more than $20 or $30 -- they will attack the PC with a file-wiping program or download onto the machine images of child pornography.

"They prey on the nice secretary who wouldn't do anything wrong. When she gets one of these e-mails she thinks 'Oh, my goodness what am I going to do?' So she puts it on her credit card and transfers the funds to the (suspect's online bank) account and hopes it goes away," a British detective specializing in cyber-crime told Reuters.

The officer advised against cooperating with the fraudsters. "If a person pays up, say it's just 20 euros, then they have identified a soft target. They may come back for more, next time demanding more money." In the annals of cyber-crime, investigators acknowledge the racket is one of the most difficult to crack. Because the ransom is small, people tend to pay up and keep quiet. Police said the number of cases is tailing off but because it so often goes unreported, there is little evidence the crime is actually in decline.

Read more about this from Reteurs here.

This is actually similar to a prank mail that got me into trouble a couple of weeks ago. (Although I wasn't in it for the money!) My friend, Sonu, wound me up by sending me some mail about how I'd been surfing illegal websites, and that I was going to be held criminally liable. I didn't panic too much, but later in the day, Sonu 'confessed' his sins to me, and introduced me to the world of Prank Mail.

So, my boss being on leave, and me being bored....I began to send prank mails to people in the office.

Day 1 went pretty well, had fun with three guys who were so scared went they came to meet the IT guy (which unfortunately happened to be me), and I wound them both up a bit before I let them know it was me. The mail went like this :

Dear Sir,

It has come to our attention that you or someone using your IP address have registered and/or visited several illegal pornography web sites within the past three months and have downloaded federally prohibited material. Although pornography itself is not illegal, these pictures, documents and films are prohibited from travel across interstate lines. As most internet traffic violates these federal and state statutes, your actions are considered in violation of Code 7 of the Electronic Decency Act. As of the first day of this month, all traffic that originates from your email address or associated Internet Protocol Address will be logged and reported to the proper authorities. We will also be notifying your ISP and will be reviewing their logs as well.

This email is to notify you of the measures that are being taken. Please cease and desist all activities of this nature. We will contact you with further information or serve a subpoena if the situation warrants.

Please contact your ISP or network administrator if you think this mail was sent in error. However, this is highly unlikely, as the tracking technology we use prevents such errors from occuring.

Phillip Westmoreland

Internet Protector Incorporated

The website allows you to see replies from your victims, so I had loads of fun winding them up....unfortuanately, I can't show you the mails. Anyway, that was fun.

Day 2: And I tried a different twist. Sent this mail out to two people (Boredom is a mutha!):

I know this will be hard to believe but please listen. I (you) am sending this to you (me) from the future. I just want to make sure that we are on the same page here. I (you) want to succeed. Just thought I (you) would drop a line and tell you(me) to be aggressive. It will pay off big time.


And made it appear that it was coming from their email address !! And WOW, were they spooked or what? The first guy came to see me, and I told him it wasn't possible for someone to have hacked his email address. He replied the mail, and I scared him SO BAD with the replies......before I confessed to him what I had been doing. He almost strangled me, I had him thinking he was going crazy.........(LOL).

Unfortunately, the second person was also just as scared, and she also came to ask for advice, I did my usual winding up and she went straight to the HR head to report the mail. A few hours later, I was called into her office, and asked to 'investigate' the mail. I promptly confessed that it was me (didn't have a choice, did I?) and recevied a tongue-lashing. I was told I had committed a sackable offence......blah, blah, blah......

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I'm still here, albeit I'm now a retired prankster. And for those of you I pulled the prank on, I've still got your replies.........(Boso does the evil laugh....fade to black).

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Stuck at work......

style="FONT-SIZE: 12pt">I wonder how many other people are stuck at work today.
No Christmas break for me.........

Anyway, if like me you're stuck at
work, here's a little something to cheer you up. href="http://www.liquidgeneration.com/poptoons/saddamfromiraq.asp">Click
. Takes a while to download, but it's worth it.

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The day before Christmas - I CORINTHIANS 13 FOR CHRISTMAS

If I speak in the tongues of Christmas materialism and greed but have not love, I am only a tinny Christmas song or an out of tune choir.

If I have the gift of knowing what Aunt Agatha will give me this year and can even understand last year's present, and if I have the faith that I won't get more socks and ties this year but have not love, I am nothing.

If I clear out the house and give everything to charity and my credit cards are snapped in half but have not love, what can I possibly gain?

Love is patient when the fourth store you've tried doesn't have a bottle garden.

Love is kind and lets the couple with only a few items go in front of you and your bulging shopping cart.

Love does not envy your friend who gets mega-presents from everybody.

Love does not boast about the bike, the PlayStation 2, the TV, VCR, and computer your dad gave you.

Love does not attempt to out-buy, out-wrap, and out-give the rest of the family just to impress.

Love doesn't cut Aunt Flo off your Christmas card list because she forgot you last year.

Love is not self-seeking and leaves a copy of your Christmas list in every room of the house.

Love is not easily angered when the young girl at the checkout takes forever because she is just temporary staff.

Love doesn't keep remembering how many times your mum forgets you don't like Brussels sprouts.

Love does not delight in the commercial bandwagon but rejoices with the truth of a baby born in the stable.

Love always protects the family from Christmas hype.

Love always trusts that the hiding places for presents will remain secret for another year.

Love always hope that this year more neighbors will drop in to your open house coffee morning.

Love always perseveres until the cards are written, the presents are bought, the shipping done, and the Christmas cake iced.

Toys may break, socks wear thin but love never fails.

Where there is a feeling of the presents to guess their contents, and mum going on about being good so Father Christmas will come, and searching through the cupboards to find your hidden presents, they will all stop.

For we think we know what we are getting, and we hope we know what we are getting but when Christmas Day arrives all will be revealed.

When I was a child I talked with big wide-open eyes about Christmas, thought that Christmas was all about me, I reasoned that Jesus should have been born more often. When I became an adult, I forgot the joy, wonder, and excitement of this special time.

Now we just hear about the angels, shepherds, and wise men, then we shall see them all the time. Now I know as much as the Bible says about the first Christmas, then I shall know just how many wise men there were and where they came from.

Now, three things remain to be done:

To have faith that the baby born in a stable is the Son of God.

To hope that the true message of Christmas will not get discarded with the wrapping paper and unwanted gifts.

And the most important to have a love for others like the one that God has for us.

I'm DEFINATLEY not blogging again until after Christmas (in fact, till Monday the 29th).

So this is MERRY CHRISTMAS from me to you all !!!!!!!

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The day before the day before Christmas

Today was the day when we opened our Christmas gifts in the office. What happens is, everyone's name gets thrown in a hat, and you pick out a name and buy a gift for the person. Not bad eh? I got a diary But some people got some really cool gifts

I'm sure Bola's gonna hate the fact that I used this pic, but I don't care......She got that material she's wrapping around herself. :p

Chibuzo got a shirt.....nice..........

Oyinbo(a.k.a. Nike Olowokande) got a bottle of perfume

Tolu got a perfume set....Oscar De La Renta (she says)

Yemisi got a book...............

And I got a diary.............yipee.....(honestly)


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Merry Xmas, Rio Ferdinand.......

Last night, a three-man disciplinary commission unanimously decided that Rio Ferdinand was guilty of missing a drugs test on the 23rd of September 2003. He has subsequently been banned for 8 months (starting January 12th) and fined 50,000 pounds, meaning he will not be eligible to play in Euro 2004. I have previously written on this issue in the blog before, and I have to admit I'm kinda happy he was found guilty. Mark Palios, the next chief executive of the Football Association, promised to get tough on doping on his first day in charge, and this sends out a signal to all would-be offenders. It's a pity that poor old Rio had to be the scapegoat, but if he did the crime, he has to do the time. You can read about how the entire 'Riogate Saga' unfolded here.

This decision has polarised opinions all over the world. Some people (me included) believe that he deserved to be punished, some even say that he should have been given the maximum ban of 2 years....!!

Manchester United has decided to appeal the decision, claiming it is harsh. They run the risk of having the ban extended if the appeal is unsuccesful. European football's governing body, Uefa, have backed the FA over its stance on Ferdinand.

"From a Uefa disciplinary standpoint, our view would be that this type of offence would carry at least a six-month ban," said Uefa spokesman Rob Faulkner.
"So it is in line with what we would expect to happen if the player had failed to take a test during a Uefa competition.
"Our guidelines state a minimum of six months for a first offence so from our point of view it would seem appropriate."

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has since said he was not happy with the way the case had been handled, and he would also be happy with the ruling.

Ferdinand, as a professional player, knew it was his duty to complete a drugs test once informed that his name had been randomly selected by the UK Sport testers. For him to claim that he simply forgot is no defence. Although there is no suggestion that Ferdinand took a banned substance, there are plenty of drugs which leave the body 24 hours after they are taken, which is why Ferdinand's subsequent passing of a test two days later is irrelevant. In sports like athletics, deliberately missing a drugs test is the equivalent of failing it. Have it any other way and the system falls apart. In this light the ban imposed by the FA is understandable.

However, some would say that the FA has bowed to outside pressure, and has been harsh to Rio simply because he is a player in the 'powerful' Manchester United. A lot of key figures believe that Rio has been hung out to dry........including PFA Chief Executive Gordon Taylor, who has threatened to sever ties with the FA. Why has Ferdinand been banned when Manchester City's Christian Negouai received only a fine last season for the same offence? The FA would argue that there are differences in the two cases that have not been made puclic, and also Palios was not in charge at the time.

This is going to be a topic of dicussion for weeks to come, but Rio will not be playing football for a while come next year.

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